Noah Pederson


Tech. Lead/Software Engineer, ColdQuanta/Infleqtion

Nov 2019 -- current

Infleqtion (formerly ColdQuanta) is an industry leading quantum atomics company.

  • Lead geographically distributed team of software engineers responsible for real-time hardware control and programming, driving scrum processes, leading projects, consulting on requirements that require a deep understanding of the system
  • Design, prototype, and implement distributed control system for optical atomic clock
  • Use esoteric LLVM backed Python realtime programming system (Artiq) to create stable quantum program execution environment using Python and Rust
  • Work closely with specialized physics team to provide tools for composing experiments that execute on hardware
  • Hired and handed off DevOps responsibilities to newly formed team
  • Review and develop complex, multidisciplinary, (rt) performance sensitive code
  • Lead technical-design reviews for existing software infrastructure, identifying weakness in architecture and high ROI potential improvement

Sr. Software Engineer, TDS Telecom

Aug. 2016 -- Nov. 2019

Regional Internet Service Provider and Telecom.

  • Design, develop, test, and maintain a range of internal full-stack applications
  • Automate the mangement and configuration of specialized network equipment
  • Prototype OpenShift/Kubernetes system architecture for use across entire company
  • Develop automation for complex network equipment graph management


Optical Atomic Clock Control System

Design, rapidly prototype, deploy, and test soft realtime control system using Python and Rust with extremely tight deadlines. Collaborate with electrical engineering team for embedded driver control and integration. Manage distributed state across networked nodes for servo control, monitoring, and analysis.

Laser Monitoring

Aug 2022

Integrate new industrial camera hardware partially into hard realtime system for advanced diagnostics and monitoring of laser subsystems.

Parameter Engine

March 2021

Assist in original design and implementation of a complex, scalable programming interface for physics experiments featuring a dynamic, type-safe, multi-backend parameter engine capable of tracking 50,000+ individual variables. Retained all variable modifications and supports branching and merging semantics.


June 2022

A prototype extendible-hashing based database. Implemented first in Python, then in Rust. Achieved up to ~1 million updates per second, 5+ million reads per second for simple integer values with little optimization.


Herzing University, BSc Software Development

2015 -- 2018