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Defining and Encoding Strict Types Using BARE

Everything in Python is an object, and I mean everything. This includes primitives such as int, float, and str but also includes things you might not expect, such as class and function definitions. It turns out, that Python has a lot of flexibility and... weird things you can do with class fields.


How much do you think software #development has changed over the last 20 years? Many would say quite a bit. But, my opinion is that fundamentally not much has really changed. Many of us still use the tried and true method of telling a computer what to do: the terminal. While the #terminal has changed it's appearance a bit over the years, it's still fundamentally the same tool it was 50 years ago. But the terminal is really only the window, and the tools we use through it have changed over the years. At least for some of us. As someone who spends most of his day bashing away at my clicky mechanical keyboard, I'd like to share some of the modern tools that I use to do my job, many of which replace commonly installed *nix tools.


a durable, embeddable, worker queue for golang

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One thing that has always stuck out to me about the Go programming language is it's incredibly strong concurrency model. Go is aggressively simple as a language, and it's asynchronous architecture is no different. Channels are a beautiful implementation of a buffered FIFO queue which have an infinite number of applications. There's no Thread classes, just a simple go in front of a function call. It's great! You can probably tell, but I enjoy working with Go a lot.

With that, I'd like to introduce a small side-project of mine. I call it goalpost. It's a simple, embeddable, worker queue library. It seeks to be a simple way to reliably do work in uncertain runtime environments.


A small dump of what music I've been listening to


My music listening tastes tend to consist of discovering new music, playing it on repeat for a week or two, then moving onto the next thing. In these occasional dumps, I'll go over what I've been listening to. I will try to focus on the different genres and styles, but sometimes I'm just listening to a lot of the same kind of stuff 🤷‍♂️

I try to highlight some of the smaller, lesser known artists.


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