git.ht is an interesting service for handling RSS feed generation and metrics gathering of what amounts to a GitHub Gist file. It supports Org and Markdown (GFM), which is already a plus. I'll look into trying it out, though I'm highly skeptical of the $4/m value proposition, especially compared to other free blog hosting options. Perhaps the value is in the analytics, which I barely care about.

Further, the name/pronunciation of git.ht is a bit weird, it appears to be intended to be pronounced "git hoot", which I find amusing considering the existence of git.sr.ht which is pronounced "source hut".

Anyways, follow my "hoots" at https://ngp.git.ht/feed


After looking more at the service, it's definitely not worth $4/m. I've cancelled. Blog hosting is basically free these days via GitHub pages and Actions, so like... why.