Yesterday I?

  • I've decided to attempt a new form of blogging
  • At the end of the day, I compile my notes from my personal knowledge graph (this one, simply called knowledge) and take a sanitized version of my work notes (when relevant) and compose a simple list of bullet points of what I did that day
  • Especially include links to other blog posts I've read, pulling out highlights from the things that I've read as necessary
    • My aim here is to encourage actually digesting info while maybe being helpful for others to discover things that interest them, because they interest me
    • Only maybe 3-5 links on the front page of Hacker News interest me on average on a daily basis. I may open more and read the comments of more than that, but the ones that are actually interesting are far fewer
  • I've purchased a new domain for this purpose, though I may simply just integrate it into my normal blog post structure using https://mataroa.site
    • I've started setting up a GitHub pages site using Hugo, but I'm not sure if I want to go to the effort of publishing in that format
    • Perhaps if I could automate the publishing of my Logseq graph, I would simply use that. Unfortunately automatic publishing is not really a goal, and I imagine the way the sync currently works would make that difficult regardless