Yesterday I: 2023-01-25

  • Build vs. Buy

    • The reason we want to buy as much as possible is that an organisation
      has a limited capacity for expertise, so we don’t want to have to become
      experts on things that don’t make up a competitive advantage.

  • Looking at maybe selling my Leica Q2

    • MPB will give me $3400~ for it
    • Can look into KEH and compare
    • Likely will want to sell on Reddit or something similar
  • Received my MangoPi
    • Allwinner D1-based RISC-V SBC
    • 1GB of DDR3
    • Shares the same T-Head C906 CPU core as the BL808
    • TODO figure out it's boot process, investigate any SDK support this thing has
    • Most powerfull RISC-V CPU I have access at the moment
  • Grabbed Zach's USB adapter for his Logitech mouse from work
    • He's out through the end of the week, will have to put it in a safe place so I don't lose it before I can get it to him