Yesterday I: 2023-01-24

  • Found a HN post about ADHD
    • endless todo lists... yeah
  • Found an article on Python Monads
    • Has particular focus on type annotations, including a cool trick for recursive types
  • Worked on overhauling + refactoring some control-flow at day-job
  • Started soldering the diodes and LEDs on my second Corne PCB
  • Still working on compiling the Xuantie GCC toolchain
    • I messed up and hadn't enabled multilib (--enable-multilib), so while it did finish compiling + installing, it was only for rv65; I need rv32 as well for the hybrid architecture of the BL808 and the rv32-based BL602 and BL702
    • I was able to get it fully compiled and working for BL808 apps, which implies both rv32 and rv64 support
  • I'm heavily considering buying a Lulu keyboard from Boardsource
    • Fully loaded, $369
    • Looks very nice
    • Would definitely need to get another set of keycaps 😉